Imaginarium celebrates 17 years in Fort Myers


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Imaginarium celebrates 17 years in Fort Myers

By Matt Grant. CREATED Aug 18, 2012

FORT MYERS - The Imaginarium Science Center celebrated 17 years in Fort Myers Saturday.

For fourth grader Trevor Donelan, 9, the exhibits could be the beginning of a lifelong dream.

"What do you want to be when you're older?," asked Fox 4 reporter Matt Grant.

"I don't know," said Trevor. "A scientist maybe?"

And that's what museum organizers are hoping for.

"We're really about inspiration," said the Imaginarium's director Matt Johnson. "We want to light that torch inside their head and get them interested in science. And maybe one day they'll be interested in a career in science."

While the Fort Myers landmark has had to tighten its belt recently due to budget cuts, the museum unveiled some new exhibits Saturday including one showing how the Moorehaven Dam works and another on sustainable living.

"We really want to give people an opportunity to get their hands-on" things," said Johnson. "And get involved in science."

And the museum is opening the world of science to visitors of all ages.

"It's interesting," one girl said. "Everything."

Johnson anticipated about 1000 people turning out for the Imaginarium's birthday which Mayor Randy Henderson called "one of the gems of Fort Myers."

Henderson kicked off the festivities by reading a proclamation honoring the museum.

"This is just a day of celebration for the Imaginarium," said Henderson, "and its influence over our city."

But its biggest influence, according to Trevor's grandmother, is the hand-print it leaves on those who come there.

"So you think it will foster his interest in science?," asked Grant.

"Oh absolutely," she replied. "I think there's a lot here for the imagination."

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