Dozier, Chilmonik headed for November showdown


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Dozier, Chilmonik headed for November showdown

By Matt Grant. CREATED Aug 14, 2012

CAPE CORAL - School board district two incumbent Jeanne Dozier will square off against Bob Chilmonik in a runoff election in November.

District 2 Results

  • Jeanne Dozier (I) 40.41% (28,369)
  • Bob Chilmonik 34.17% (23,986)
  • Paul Schafer 18.99% (13,327)
  • Victor Dotres 6.43% (4,515)

In District two, front-runners Dozier and Chilmonik will square off in November since neither got 50 percent in the primary.

Chilmonik has been outspoken against long school bus rides, transportation costs and is centering his campaign on a return to neighborhood schools for elementary and middle school students.

"I do think there will be a frank discussion about how we're conducting our transportation program," said Chilmonik. "We need to have a great discussion about neighborhood schools, about accountability and ensuring that money will be put to the classroom for our teachers and support personnel."

"I'm going to run on my record," said Dozier by phone, who praised candidate Paul Schafer for being a "gentleman" in the race. "I'm going to run on my accomplishments I'm going to run on what I have contributed to this community and what I've contributed to the students of Lee County."

Dozier beat Chilmonik by 4,383 votes and six percentage points. Because the four-way race split the votes, there are at least 17,842 votes that are now up for grabs.


District 3 Results

  • Cathleen Morgan 53.53% (34,889)
  • Les Cochran 46.47% (30,282)

In District three, Jane Kuckel is not seeking another term. The winner, Cathleen Morgan, got 53 percent of the vote beating out her opponent Les Cochran who criticized the district's transportation costs and referred to the buses on his Web site as "yellow dinosaurs."

Morgan, who does not have an education background, spent almost two decades on Wall Street and brings investment banking experience to the board. In her campaign, she said she brings a "unique perspective" to the race, called for change and highlighted her financial experience.

She did not make herself available for interviews Tuesday.

Her opponent, Cochran, spent the evening waiting for returns at a Fort Myers restaurant. He said he fought a good, fair race even though he didn't win.

"Well, I think we offered a little too much change probably," said Cochran. "Trying to move the school system within our community into the 21st Century and it's not ready."

Since Morgan cleared the 50 percent mark, she was declared the winner in that race.

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