Voters upset with low election turnout in southwest Florida


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Voters upset with low election turnout in southwest Florida

By Fox 4 News Staff. CREATED Aug 14, 2012

CAPE CORAL, Fla. –  If it wasn't for the endless campaign signs lining the street in front of the Cape Coral Elections office, you might not know it was Election Day.

Cape Coral resident Mike Welter was stunned by the quiet voting office.

“I think everybody needs to be out here.” Welter says.

As the sun came up- just ten minutes before polls opened, there was only one voter waiting in line.
Supervisor of Elections Sharon Harrington says that's not unusual for the primary election.

“In the general election people are waiting at the door before it opens its just the primaries are always a little slower.” Harrington says.

Affecting the turnout could be the over one million people in the state who voted early.

“We’re hoping to see totally between early voting, mail voting and at the polls.  A 35 to 45% turnout” Harrington says.

But the few who trickled into the election office were passionate about being there.

“I think it’s very important that we come in and vote no matter how we feel we need to project it in this room up here.” Welter says.
“Because we live in a free country and it’s the only way were gonna keep our country free.” One voter said.  “It’s your civic duty.”

But Harrington says some would beg to differ.
“A lot of people just don't believe in the primaries they want to vote for the president and that's about it” Harrington says.

A decision that Election day voters disagree with. “I should not ever hear them complain about any government official any political decision because if they didn’t exercise their vote they dont have a choice.”

It’s your future you get to decide and if you dont decide you got no recourse to look back on.”