Punta Gorda officer fired after series of complaints

Punta Gorda officer fired after series of complaints

By John Rupolo. CREATED Aug 10, 2012

PUNTA GORDA - Rumors in Punta Gorda have been swirling for weeks regarding Punta Gorda Police Officer Harvey Ayers's relationship with a female Charlotte County Jail Corrections Officer. One resident told us what he's been hearing.

"He was involved with a Corrections Officer," said one resident.

In a letter released today by Punta Gorda Police, Ayers was found to be no longer about to perform the duties of police officer for the city of Punta Gorda.

Weeks ago, we uncovered that Ayers was the subject of multiple internal affairs investigations.  Now we are learning more about at least one of those cases.  According to the completed investigation, Ayers allowed Charlotte County Corrections Officer Britney Senger to ride along with him on May 29th.  It was determined he violated several department policies while doing so.

Ayers allowed Senger during multiple traffic stops to "approach vehicles in the role as a back-up officer."   Ayers also instructed Senger to "Wear duty gear consisting of a gun belt, firearm, badge, etx.."  against agency policy.

And while investigating a possible robbery scene, Ayers "not only permitted but instructed Senger to draw her weapon to assist officers clearing the building."

The investigation also found Ayers on that night to be driving reckelessly hitting speeds of "96 miles per hour."

Also that night, he referred to a "young mentally challenged back seat passenger as a retard."  The conclusions of the investigation found Ayers coduct to be unbecoming of a Punta Gorda Officer.

Many residents speaking to Fox 4 Reporter John Rupolo felt this way,

"I'm glad there was a punishment," said one resident.]

We tried to get reaction from Punta Gorda Police and elected officials but nobody would talk.  We also tried to talk to Britney Senger but we also received no response.  Our attempts to contact Harvey Ayers also went unanswered.