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Fort Myers woman donates wedding cake to couple


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Fort Myers woman donates wedding cake to couple

By Andre Senior. CREATED Aug 5, 2012

N. FT. MYERS - David Doty and Julie Errington received a free wedding cake from a Fox 4 viewer who heard their story.

In Your Corner reported back in July how David Doty paid a Ft. Myers bridal shop $500 for tuxedos, but the shop closed - taking his money.

He used money that was supposed to go toward the wedding cake to buy new tuxes from another shop.

"We didn't have money. We were thinking maybe we could scrounge up enough to get like a cake from Wal-Mart," said Doty.

But he did not have to thanks to kindness of Anna Kelly, who saw the story and decided to make the couple a wedding cake for free.

"They had gone to the tux shop, it was empty. I thought that is just harsh," said Kelly.

Kelly delivered the cake for the couple's wedding on Sunday.