Ammunition tracking system 'not the answer' to prevent tragedy like Aurora

Ammunition tracking system 'not the answer' to prevent tragedy like Aurora

By Fox 4 News Staff. CREATED Jul 24, 2012

FORT MYERS, Fla. – As the country struggles with how to prevent tragedies like that mass shooting in a suburban Denver movie theater last week -- some have called for an ammunitions tracking system.

But gun rights supporters and politicians on both side of the aisle aren't so quick to pull the trigger.

Sean Harrison has been coming to the gun range for 15 years.

He and everyone I talked to at Fowler Firearms in Fort Myers agree, it's not easy to stop tragedies like the Colorado shooting.

“I think the guy in Colorado was just crazy. You can't prevent anything like that.” Harrison said.

Firearms instructor Jon Dezendorf says an ammunitions registry, like gun control, would not work.

“A tracking system in my opinion would just be very difficult.” Dezendorf said.

Many say someone should have been tipped off by the sheer number of rounds the Colorado shooter James Holmes bought.

But one online ammo dealer did think something was up, calling shooter James Holmes back.

"We have the right to refuse a sale and we would do that anytime that we feel the sale is not legitimate." Dezendorf said.

Jon says limiting ammo sales is not the answer.

“Why do we put so much regulation and so much effort//trying to take firearms away from civilians. The focus need to be upon keeping them out of the hands of bad people.” Dezendorf said.

The solution isn't easy says Democratic congressional candidate Jim Roach.

“It seems to be embedded more in behavior and psychology then in access.  I don't know if we can ever find away to get at that part of people legislatively.”

In the meantime, Sean's going to keep packing to be on the safe side.

“I carry it with me everywhere I go.  Just because of reasons like [Colorado shooting].” Harrison said.