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Fort Myers groom seeks refund from bridal shop

Fort Myers groom seeks refund from bridal shop

By Fox 4 News Staff. CREATED Jul 18, 2012

FORT MYERS, Fla. - David Doty from Ft. Myers is seeking a refund from a bridal company that closed down just weeks before his wedding.

"I got down to the place and it was completely empty… nothing
inside... doors locked," said Doty.

He finally paid off his bill in full of $500 to Lace & Roses off Metro Parkway in Ft. Myers last Thursday, but when he returned to the store
this week, it was shut down.

After trying to contact the owner several times with no response, he called Fox 4 for help.

"They've got to fix what they did... get us our tuxedos or give us our money back."

Doty needs the money because he used cash - that was supposed to buy a wedding cake - to purchase tuxedos at another store.

"I pretty much made the tuxedoes at my cost plus a little extra for personnel," said Debbie Salle of Black Tie Tuxedo in S. Ft. Myers.

4 In Your Corner tracked down the owner of the store and left voicemail and email messages.

Several hours later, we received a call from a representative of the owner who stated that all business was referred to another tuxedo store, which was supposed to fulfill all orders.

The rep told us that they were sorry about the mix-up and stated there was a miscommunication with the store that was supposed to take over her business and that a refund will be granted.

Fox 4 was also told that Doty will be contacted tomorrow with details on that refund.

Other brides also say Laces & Roses closed without giving them their dresses.

That rep told me all of them have been contacted about resolving their issue.