Burke reacts to school grades

Burke reacts to school grades

By John Rupolo. CREATED Jul 11, 2012

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - How did Lee County elementary and middle schools rank this year in school grades?  In 2012, 34 schools received A's and 25 received B's.  That means 79 percent of the District's schools received A or B grades.

"The students performed better than we thought," said Lee County School District Superintendent Dr. Joseph Burke.

But the numbers are actually down from last year. Take a look.  In 2011, 60 schools in the District received A's compared to 34 this year.

"That reflects students performance that is expected to be a higher level," said Burke.

The school grades are based on FCAT results.  Those tests this year were made harder and many students statewide did poorly. So, in April the state Board of Education raised the scoring procedures to reflect better student grades.

"I think these scores reflect accurately on how our students actually performed on the new standards," said Burke.