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Lee County Republican straw poll results

Lee County Republican straw poll results

By Matt Grant. CREATED Jul 7, 2012

LEHIGH ACRES - More than 100 Republican voters in Lee County made their voices heard in a straw poll vote Saturday.

The straw poll, organized by Lee County Republicans, gives an early look at how voters are leaning.

GOP Candidates who won shared the following results:

  • Mike Scott  was chosen for re-election for Sheriff
  • Cecil Pendergrass for County Commission (District 2)
  • Larry Kiker for County Commission (District 3)
  • Frank Mann for re-election for County Commission (District 5)
  • Les Cochran for school board
  • Bob Chilmonik for school board
  • Byron Donalds for US Congress

"It's a wonderful feeling," said political newcomer Byron Donalds at a candidate forum in Lehigh Acres. "The biggest thing about it is the voters of this district are looking for clear articulate messages. I provide that everywhere I go and I'm very, very excited and humbled for that victory today."

"I was humbled by it and I feel that the message that I have is with neighborhood schools, improving academics is what voters are looking for," said Bob Chilmonik, who is running against incumbent Jeanne Dozier. "And I think voters are also looking for change."

Matt Grant