Deputies work to stop sexual acts, indecent exposure at Bunche Beach

Deputies work to stop sexual acts, indecent exposure at Bunche Beach

By Fox 4 News Staff. CREATED Jul 3, 2012 - UPDATED: Jul 3, 2012

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Open nudity and sexual acts on a southwest Florida beach.  It's a known problem at one Lee County hot spot, but some of you say it's getting worse.  You want to know what's being done about it.

Bunche Beach has been in the headlines as a place where X-rated behavior has been an issue. Is it still a problem -- despite a sheriff's department crackdown?
Bunche Beach in Fort Myers is known for its name, its view, and more recently as a place, according to the Sheriff's Office, where homosexuals gather to expose themselves and in some cases perform sex acts in public. 

We even found a website advertising the area as a hot spot in the "cruising gays city hookup guide."

One woman who is a frequent visitor here wishes to remain anonymous and says she's seen things here that have literally stopped her in her tracks.

“A lot of times there is exposure. Yes, I have seen it.  I have complained.”

“The Lee County Sheriff's Office is well aware of the problems here.  In fact in the last couple of years alone they have had several sting operations.” Sgt. Stephanie Eller said.

Last year, they arrested this 81-year-old man, after he allegedly exposed himself to an undercover deputy.

“So we do everything we can do - a lot of proactive patrols in the area.” Eller said.

The sheriff's office saying they have patrolled this area 231 times this year alone.  Deputies have arrested men offering and committing lewd acts in public bathrooms, parking lots, and in secluded areas right off the beach.

“They basically set them up very quickly and quite often they are able to catch people the very day they go out there.” Sgt. Eller said.

And what about vacationers and families?

We ran into these folks from Ohio who were unaware of the arrests and said if they knew about Bunche Beach's reputation -- they would have stayed away.

“I don't want my kids around it.  I don’t want my family around it, my wife.”

After talking to the sheriff's office about viewer concerns at Bunche Beach, deputies say they are going to continue to step up operations on the beach.