Viewers comment on Sheriff Scott’s Dunbar crime remarks

Viewers comment on Sheriff Scott’s Dunbar crime remarks

By Cory O'Donnell. CREATED Jul 3, 2012

“We all know that 99 percent of it is black on black crime in the Dunbar 33916 area code.” Sheriff Mike Scott said.

Those few words are creating a firestorm of comments from fox four viewers.  Sheriff Mike Scott was discussing the crime rate and suggesting it's higher in an area patrolled by city police, not his deputies.  But the NAACP says his racial reference makes things worse.

Shannon writes:
“Ya know, sometimes people are in office too long and must be replaced.”

Robert says:
“The problem isn't our sheriff or deputies response to violent criminals.  It's the violent criminals.”

Brenda thinks it's just politics.
”Every time there is a re-election year people want to cut the one in office.”

Mark picked up the phone to support the sheriff:
“I think he's right, people should get off his back, he's doing the job he's supposed to do."

Kathleen says she's a graduate of the Citizens' Academy of Lee County and recommends it to others:
"Perhaps all those people complaining about the comments should go through the Citizens Academy and see it first-hand what happens out there instead of just complaining about who said what and who said nothing."

Finally, a caller who wants to remain anonymous:
"Whether it's black or white, it doesn't matter at this point. The guns have got to be removed off the streets."