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Edison fires Bob Beeson's daughter

Edison fires Bob Beeson's daughter

By Matt Grant. CREATED Jun 29, 2012

FORT MYERS - Like father, like daughter.

Six months after Edison State College fired vice president of instruction Bob Beeson, the school is now giving his daughter the ax.

Rebecca Beeson knew her job wasn't going to be renewed due to funding but instead of being "laid off" she says she was "fired" - a distinction that, she says, will make it harder to find another job.

Beeson worked at Edison since 2010 and was part of a pilot learning program called the eStudio. For two years she worked as a full-time teacher's assistant.

Since the program lost funding, Beeson knew her job wasn't going to be renewed. But she says she was shocked to learn she, and three other employees, were being fired.

"It came as a shock to all of us," said Beeson. "When we were handed the letters that said termination on them I think we...all kind of did a double-take."

Beeson questions whether her firing had anything to do with the fact that her father, Bob Beeson, filed an EEOC complaint against the college and is suing for a lot of money saying he was fired for speaking out.

"I think that could definitely have played a part in it," said Beeson.

The college says it won't comment on specific individuals but noted not all terminations are due to employee performance.

A spokesperson says they continuously evaluate programs, like eStudio, to make sure they are both effective and efficient.

College statement

Edison State College continuously examines departments and programs, reviewing all aspects of the college for efficiency and effectiveness.  There are many reasons a position may be identified as no longer needed within an organization.  Not all instances of employment termination are due to employee performance.  It is not appropriate for the college to comment on employment actions with regard to specific individuals.

Matt Grant