Fired Edison VP says letter didn't impact probation decision

Fired Edison VP says letter didn't impact probation decision

By Matt Grant. CREATED Jun 21, 2012 - UPDATED: Jun 21, 2012

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Fired Edison vice president Bob Beeson says he doesn't shoulder any blame for the college being placed on probation.

"Absolutely not," said Beeson.

Two months ago, Bob Beeson sent the accrediting organization SACS a 7-page letter detailing "horrific retaliation," "bogus charges of malfeasance," and a continuing "culture of fear" at the college.

Fired vice president Steve Atkins also sent SACS a letter detailing problems at the college.

Atkins couldn't be reached but Beeson defended their letters saying it had no impact on SACS' decision.

"In fact we were told that our complaints were not going to be factored into this decision," said Beeson.

the months before their vote. Atkins couldn't be reached but Beeson says he doesn't shoulder the blame for the decision

Beeson called the probation status a "very sad day" for the college and a "very tragic occurrence" for students.

The college is still accredited and now has a total of two years to fix seven violations including integrity, which is the most serious.

Beeson says the probation status vindicates him and others that spoke out about problems at the college.

Matt Grant