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Fox 4 gets results for woman with help of local moving company

Fox 4 gets results for woman with help of local moving company

By Fox 4 News Staff. CREATED Jun 18, 2012

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. - When Vicky Gergely moved to Lehigh Acres from Indiana back in January the moving company she hired only delivered half of her belongings.

The California-based company refused to fork over the rest, which they had locked in a storage unit in Indiana, unless Gergely coughed up more cash  - because they apparently underestimated how much the job would cost.

Gergely's belongings sat locked in storage for four months and was close to being sold at auction until Fox 4 stepped in.

"Oh my god," said Gergely as an Apple Moving truck pulled up to her house.

When we interviewed Gergely Monday she had no idea she would be getting her belongings back - but we did.

"I'm going to cry because I'm too excited," she said.

It was tears of joy after four months that were anything but happy. Back in April, the California moving company had taken half her stuff "hostage" - including some items that belonged to her husband who died five years ago from liver problems.

He was a week away from getting a transplant. 

"It's stuff from my late husband that I'll never have," she said back in April, wiping away tears.

His things were among the items locked in that Indiana storage unit. The company said they wouldn't release it unless Gergely agreed to pay an additional $1,500 on top of the $4,700 she was quoted and already paid.

"I said we can probably kiss it goodbye," she recalled Monday. 

And it might have turned out that way except Apple Moving, based out of Naples, watched her story and wanted to help.

The company drove more than 2,000 miles round-trip, and spent more than $2000 to rescue her belongings - including tools, furniture and old photos. 

"It is very sentimental," said Gergely, pointing to old family items. "[It might seem like] nothing but a bookcase, but it's something [my late husband] built."  

With each box opened, a new memory is rediscovered. 

"There's my man, my snowman," she said excitedly.

"I didn't think I'd ever see that again," she said looking at another item.

All of her possessions in the locker were close to going to auction, according to Apple Moving, who convinced them to turn the items over to them instead of letting them be sold.

It took them two months to get her stuff back.

"This was a very large ordeal," said Curtis with Apple Moving. "We felt very, very sorry for her.  This is why you definitely need to look into your moving company." 

Gergely says she's grateful to have her stuff back, and to have the four month battle over her belongings end.

"If it wasn't for you and Fox 4 and Apple," she said, "I would never see this stuff."

Apple Moving recommends research moving companies first by looking at the company's online reviews, using Angie's List, the Better Business Bureau and recommendations from friends and co-workers.

They also warn against hiring a moving company that charges an hourly rate since some dishonest companies can "turn a five hour trip into a 10 hour trip," the company warns.

Apple Moving can be reached at (239) 596-6190

Matt Grant