Congressional candidate's company bought 'pornographic' web domains

Congressional candidate's company bought 'pornographic' web domains

By Mike Mason. CREATED Jun 14, 2012 - UPDATED: Jun 14, 2012

LEE COUNTY - A top GOP Congressional candidate is accused of registering sexually explicit domain names. Tonight, Trey Radel is firing back, saying his former employees are to blame. Four in your Corner's Mike Mason asking him the tough questions.

Radel says he had no idea what his former employees were doing but his opponents say he is the one who's ultimately responsible.
Trey Radel is said to be the GOP's top pick to replace Congressman Connie Mack. But now Radel's wild ride on the campaign trail has hit a speed bump. His former company is accused of buying racy domain names; some even considered pornographic.

Trey Radel: "It's my company and I take responsibility for it at the end of the day, it's just a shame these things were purchased."

These allegations surfacing after a liberal newspaper published the article. Radel admits he started a business about a decade ago which bought and sold domain names. Between 2001 and 2005 he says two of his contracted employees purchased sites with names like 'sexguide online', the Spanish term used for 'whorehouse' and others we can't even say on television.

Trey Radel: "They were purchasing hundreds of names every single week and they got creative unfortunately and these were not good words that they bought."

Radel claims he had nothing to do with these domains and after finding out what his employees did he eventually reprimanded them.

Mike Mason: "You did not take action against them immediately according to your own timeline.”
Trey Radel: "Yeah, I did not fire them or stop working with them, some stupid things were purchased and that's that."

Paige Kreegel is running against Radel and feels this behavior is unacceptable for a Congressional candidate.

Paige Kreegel: "It's inevitable that our past will catch up with us and it's not the proper decorum for the office."

Today Connie Mack's office issued a statement saying in part: "Voters don't care about any of this kind of senseless stuff the press seems to focus on, including the number of times my toilet is flushed or amount of money Bill Nelson got for selling his home in Washington."

We should tell you that Radel is married to Fox-4 anchor Amy Wegmann.  Also, Radel has since closed his website domain company. He says none of those racy domains were ever sold or made in to active websites. See Radel's press release (Attached).