Cars still blowing past stopped school buses

Cars still blowing past stopped school buses

By Matt Grant. CREATED Jun 11, 2012

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. - Seven months after Fox 4 exposed drivers blowing past stopped school buses, a concerned parent says it's still happening and he has the video to prove it.

"All I'm concerned about," said Brandon McHenry, "is the children's safety."

For months, McHenry has used his cell phone to capture drivers going around his daughter's school bus on Monica Lane and Pondella Road in North Fort Myers.

Two weeks before school ended his camera captured a Lee County Sheriff's deputy and a Lee County school bus going past his daughter's bus.

"I haven't seen anything improve have you?," McHenry asked his daughter Bryaunna, 12. "It's unfortunate."

Since Pondella Road doesn't have a five-foot median, all lanes of traffic - in both directions - have to stop when a school bus stops to pick up and drop off kids.

But not everyone is stopping.

"The bus driver's honking his horn as loud as he can," said Bryuanna.

"Does it make you nervous?," asked Fox 4 reporter Matt Grant.

"Kind of," she said, "yeah."

We first met McHenry last November. Since then, he's been filming cars going past his daughter's bus including another school bus and a sheriff's deputy.

"That's just inexcusable," said McHenry. "How can you expect to be an enforcer of the law if you don't do it yourself?"

We showed the McHenry's video to Larry King with the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

"Is that acceptable?," asked Grant.

"No of course not," said King. "We're out there to enforce that."

Since the car number is blurry, there's not much the sheriff's office can do. But King says they will be watching that road closely when school starts back up in August.

"Likely we'll see more deputies in that spot?," asked Grant.

"In that spot, I think we'll just pick up where we left off," said King.

If you get caught going past a stopped school bus it could cost you a $264 fine and four points on your license.

The Lee County School District says they want to McHenry to show them his video so they can start an investigation into the school bus driver caught on tape.

The bus driver's union also wants to see the tape.

"Maybe they'll stop and think twice before they go around a parked school bus," said McHenry when asked why he's still filming cars. "It's our children's safety."

Matt Grant