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Renters say spider infestation is out of control in Punta Gorda home

Renters say spider infestation is out of control in Punta Gorda home

By Colleen Hogan. CREATED Jun 10, 2012

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - A Punta Gorda family, fed up with a web of problems, spinning from what they call a spider infestation in their rental home.

They're coming to Four In Your Corner's Colleen Hogan for help.

It's not just spiders, but what the renters call a run-down house that needs a lot of work, especially in the attic where they believe the spider problem stems from.
"They just come right out of the a.c. ducts," father of two Steve Maye said. 
Maye, 28, and his two married friends moved into a rental home on San Ambrosio St. in Punta Gorda this February. Soon after, they discovered they weren't the only ones living under the roof. 
Maye says by March, when they turned the a.c. unit on, the spiders started showing up all over inside their home.
He believes the house has an infestation of wolf spiders coming from the attic, which he says is also a mess.
He snapped several pictures to prove the problems to his rental management company, who he says won't let the families move into a different house.
"The first time I found (a spider) it was actually in my son's bed near his headboard and pillow," he said. "Recently I found one under my daughter's crib."
Since then, Maye does a nightly check for spiders in their rooms. He says he's even been bitten by one of the spiders in his bed, a pain he likens to being pierced by a needle.
"Every single night I go through their cribs and beds and I make sure nothing's gonna pop out," he said. "About nine out of ten times, something does pop out."
We reached out to the management company Sunday night by phone to see why the families can't just move into another one of their properties but we had to leave a message. 
Which means, the renters will continue living with their unwanted roommates.
"My roommate's wife, she had a bad experience a few weeks ago," Maye said. "She grabbed a towel to dry her face and (a spider) ran right across her head."
The renters have a county inspector coming out to look at the house Monday to see if it's fit to be lived in. 
Colleen Hogan, reporter