Emaciated dog found on the side of the road in Labelle

Emaciated dog found on the side of the road in Labelle

By John Rupolo. CREATED Jun 6, 2012 - UPDATED: Jun 6, 2012

LABELLE, Fla. - She can only walk for short distances and when she gets tired a towel has to be placed under her for support.  She's been named Hope by the Caloosa Humane Society (CHS) in Labelle.  The dog was found last Friday by a good samaritan on the side of the road near death and starving and brought to CHS.

"She was lifeless," said Alex Distefano.

The Humane Society believes the dog's owner just dumped him somewhere on the side of the road to fend for itself.  After being checked out, Hope had worms, was flea infested, and was anemic. She was apparently eating anything to survive and fill to fill her belly.

"She actually defecated on the floor and it was sand.  She was probaly eating dirt to fill her stomach," said Distefano.

Hope has already gained five pounds in less than a week, still wieighing less than half her expected bodywieght of over 60 pounds.

She is eating small meals up to ten times a day and staff is checking on her making special trips all hours of the night.

To add to the uplifting news, the good samaritan who found Hope is planning on adopting her once she gets back to health.

"She touched our lives," said Kirsten Kalpa.