Controversy over Florida "voter purge"

Controversy over Florida "voter purge"

By Matt Grant. CREATED Jun 3, 2012

WASHINGTON - Florida has 11.3 million registered voters but 2700 of them are now on a list of potential non-citizens that was put together by the state as they try to guarantee that everyone on Florida's voter rolls is legal.

About 58 percent of the people on the list are Hispanics but not everyone is a minority and some worry that Floridians who are lawfully on voter rolls could be removed like a World War II vet who is on the list.

"I voted in Brooklyn when I lived in Brooklyn," a 91-year-old veteran who was targeted as a potential non-citizen.  "I really don't understand it. To me it's like an insult."

A spokesperson for the Florida Secretary of State is defending this plan that cross references DMV and voting records explaining that: "If we receive credible and reliable information we must act on it...race or party never factor into the process. Our focus is on identifying and removing ineligible voters from the rolls because that's our job."

But the Justice Department thinks this might violate the Voting Rights Act, which is supposed to protect minorities and warned Florida with a letter that says: "Specifically, please advise whether the state intends to cease the practice discussed above, so that the department can determine what further action, if any, is necessary."

Mitt Romney leads Pres. Obama by one-half of one percent in Florida right now. And these 2700, or so, potentially ineligible voters could be critical. That's because back in 2000, George W. Bush won Florida - by 537 votes.

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