New Edison president will make less than Walker

New Edison president will make less than Walker

By Matt Grant. CREATED Jun 1, 2012 - UPDATED: Jun 1, 2012

FORT MYERS - Edison State College's next president Dr. Jeffrey Allbritten will bring in a total compensation package worth $349,728 - almost a half million dollars LESS than fired president Dr. Ken Walker.

A deal still needs to be negotiated so the final numbers can change but here is what the college will offer Allbritten:

  • A $263,850 starting salary
  • $12,000 a year car allowance ($1000/month)
  • $73,878 benefits package
  • Total compensation: $349,728

We did the math, and compared to Walker's $837,085 benefits package, Allbritten will make almost a half million dollars less than Walker did. The exact difference is $487,357.

That could change depending on negotiations.

We first reported on the new pay scale more than a week ago. At the time the head of Edison's faculty union praised the salary reduction.

"I think it sounds reasonable, it sounds fair," said Ellie Bunting on May 22. "I think it's trying to send a message that the board this time is paying a lot more attention to what they're paying and what the contract is going to be."

A state audit found Walker was the highest paid public college president in the state of Florida.

The new pay scale is more in line with state averages for college presidents.

Matt Grant