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Owner reunited with lost pet after Humane Society adoption

Owner reunited with lost pet after Humane Society adoption

By Julie Salomone. CREATED May 25, 2012

NAPLES, Fla. - It's a moment that Laura Todd has been looking forward to for nearly two months.

Laura told us earlier this week that her dog, named "Oni" ran away from home in March. 

The dog was found in La Belle and then wound up at the Naples Humane Society. 

Now she says the dog had a microchip, but the humane society tells us the contact info wasn’t up to date---and they couldn't reach the owner.

The Naples Humane Society actually ended up adopting the dog to another family. But, the family agreed to turn the dog over to the humane society and laura picked up Oni earlier today.

Laura Todd made dozens of fliers after her dog ran away from home nearly 2 months ago.

"Oni is a fixed male, a Shuba Inu, a Japanese hunting dog. He weighs only about 20 pounds and he looks like a little red fox," said Todd.

Laura was frantic to find her 3 legged dog that her son found in Hawaii when he was in the army several years ago. Laura was hopeful the dog would be returned because he had a microchip.

"I called the vet's office to let them know he was missing. I called Lee County Animal
Control up the road and I went over and gave a description and filed out a report," said Todd.

Laura's dog wound up in a different county and that's what shocked her! It turns out someone found the dog and dropped him off at the City of La Bell Animal Control where it stayed for about 6 days before Caloousa Humane Society rescued the dog so it wouldn't be euthanized. The Naples Humane Society eventually took the animal where it was adopted at the beginning of the month
to a family in Naples.

"I thank the people that adopted our dog. I know they got caught in the middle," said Todd.

Laura admits her contact information was not updated on the microchip, but she says her vet information was on the chip. She wants to know why the vet was never called. I took that concern to the Humane Society.

"Ms. Todd's vet wasn't contacted because it wasn't the info on the chip. La Belle Animal
Control on  April 9th called Home Again to find information and that info wasn't there," said
Humane Society Naples Executive Director Michael Simonik.

Simonik says pet owners who are looking for their lost pet should contact all shelters in surrounding counties. Simonik says Oni visited 3 different shelters in nearly a month. Simonik also says the first agency who gets the lost animal will contact the microchip company and it's essential information is up-to-date.

Laura will most likely get her dog back after the family who adopted Oni agreed to give him back.

Julie Salomone
Fox 4