Councilman accused of threat not talking

Councilman accused of threat not talking

By Mike Mason. CREATED May 7, 2012

FORT MYERS – Demanding action!  A community activist calling out a sitting Fort Myers councilman for allegedly threatening his life. As Four in your Corner investigator Mike Mason reports, the activist is now publicly demanding the councilman resign.

Activist Anthony Thomas had a chance to confront city officials tonight and warns if they don't take action by the next council meeting then he will.

Fort Myers city councilman Forrest Banks now choosing not to comment about an alleged threat he made against activist Anthony Thomas.

Mike Mason: "Mr. Banks, can I ask you a quick question?
Forrest Banks: "No,no, no."

However, a couple of weeks ago Banks did give us his side of the story.

Mike Mason: "Did you intend to kill Anthony Thomas?"
Forrest Banks: "Absolutely not."
Mike Mason: "Okay so it was just talk is what you're saying?"
Forrest Banks: "Talk."

Thomas attended tonight’s council meeting, taking this opportunity to call for Banks' resignation.

Anthony Tthomas: "He is a disgrace to this city and to our community, Forrest Banks please resign."

Last month Thomas announced his plans to organize a petition drive to recall banks from his council seat.  On April 2nd, banks' assistant reports overhearing the councilman say that if Thomas did that then, “He (Thomas) will end up in a ditch somewhere.”

Mike Mason: "Saying that somebody should end up in a ditch somewhere?"
Forrest Banks: "Figure of speech, just talking."

Tonight, Thomas issuing his own ‘figure of speech’.

Anthony Thomas: "If you don't resign at the next council meeting we're going to be leading a protest here to protest so we're going to blow the roof off this thing."

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating Banks' alleged threat.  According to Sheriff Mike Scott, the councilman has declined to be interviewed by deputies.  Now Banks is also declining to speak with us.

Mike Mason: "The investigation..."
Forrest Banks: "You know it's under investigation.”
Mike Mason: “So you won't talk?”
Forrest Banks: "No."
The Lee County Sheriff’s Office says the State Attorney will decide whether to file charges against Banks.  We'll let you know what happens.