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Connie Mack in Fort Myers talking issues, Senate race

Connie Mack in Fort Myers talking issues, Senate race

By Fox 4 News Staff. CREATED May 1, 2012

FORT MYERS - Representative Connie Mack makes the rounds in southwest Florida at an event honoring local law enforcement officers for their bravery.

Mack played ball with FOX 4 on a bunch of questions, including former Florida governor Jeb Bush's comment that he'd consider joining Mitt Romney on the white house ticket.

“He's a leader. He's served the state of Florida very well. But have a lot of people in the state of Florida who've served the state well and would do well as a VP pick.” Mack says. “There's Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush. We're very fortunate, the state of Florida is in a leadership position when it comes to the presidential election.”

I also asked the congressman about the widening gap between him and Senator Bill Nelson in the race for Nelson's seat. The latest poll shows Mack trailing by double digits.

“I never thought we would be even close anyways right now. I mean it's so early.” Mack says. “The fact that Senator Nelson is struggling as much as he is I think shows that there's a lot of opportunity.”

Mack highlighted the party line in his response to lawmakers freezing of federal student loan rates that were set to double.

“I believe that we should get back to a free market approach of letting the competition drive down the student loan rates instead of the federal government using taxpayer dollars.” Mack said.