Viewers applaud candidate's plan to fix Congress

Viewers applaud candidate's plan to fix Congress

By Fox 4 News Staff. CREATED May 1, 2012

Republican congressional candidate Gary Aubuchon says he has a plan that's the "first steps to fixing Washington." 

Aubuchon announced his plans Monday at a special event.  He's running for the seat currently held by congressman Connie Mack. 

His proposal: dismantling the congressional pension program as well as installing term limits for members of Congress.

Aubuchon says the ideas would stop politicians from making a career in congress and bring more accountability to their offices.  He hopes it will change the Washington spending mentality.

 “I'm very frustrated with the lack of action in Washington...go to congress and begin from that standpoint.”  Gary Aubuchon said.

We wanted to know if you agreed with his plan.

Almost all of you sounding off on Facebook showing support.
Faith saying:
“It's about time!”

Doris agreeing:
“Should have been done years ago.”

Brian showing skepticism:
“Great idea…but good luck getting that one passed by both houses.”

Susan adding:
“When can we start? About time they live by the same rules that we all do.”