Disturbing case of alleged animal cruelty inspires film

Disturbing case of alleged animal cruelty inspires film

By Mike Mason. CREATED Apr 30, 2012

LEE COUNTY - Lights, camera and action! A disturbing case of alleged animal cruelty has one woman taking on a new role as film director. Four in your Corner's Mike Mason live with how she's hoping to raise awareness.

Judith Yevick has spent 25 years as an animal rights activist, volunteering at shelters and sitting on oversight committees. Now, she's taking action by sitting in the director's chair. When Yevick heard about the disturbing death of Bailey she was appalled.

Judith Yevick: "I think it's the worst I've ever heard, absolute worst I've ever heard."

Bailey was a 12-year old West Highland Terrier. Earlier this month, Bailey's owners say she slipped her leash and disappeared in to her Suncoast Estates neighborhood. When she crawled back home a few hours later, they say she was beaten and her jaws glued shut.

Daniel Gilliam: "I pried her mouth open and she looked at me like, "dad, sorry" and then she died right there."

Yevick was so disturbed by this she donated $500 towards finding Bailey's killer and is now hoping to spotlight cases like these.

Judith Yevick: "I would like to make a documentary about the relationship between animal abuse and serial killers."

This case also hitting a nerve with viewers. More than 600 people posted our report to Facebook, but one woman's comments raised suspicion. She wrote, "Learn how to shut your dogs up! I'm trying to sleep!"

Glenn Johnson: "She would be somebody, a person of interest we would, you know, the Sheriff's Department would want to talk to, I’m sure."

The woman's husband contacted Fox-4 saying his wife didn't mean anything by her comment. He says his family has received death threats and he wants viewers to know his wife is innocent.

Despite this, deputies say they're not ruling her out as a person of interest as they continue to investigate.

Judith Yevick: "I think these people need to be brought to justice because I have a feeling that they don't see it as something, as something evil."
Investigators are now doing a necropsy of Bailey's body and it could take another few weeks before the results come in. The reward for information leading to an arrest in this case is around $7,000. If you have any information about this, or any other animal abuse case, call Crimestoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS.