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Woman's driveway sinkhole fixed after FOX 4 steps in

Woman's driveway sinkhole fixed after FOX 4 steps in

By Colleen Hogan. CREATED Apr 27, 2012
FORT MYERS, Fla. - After our Fox 4 story aired last week, the companies in question agreed to fix the driveway.  Today, they made good on that promise.

Fox 4 received pictures from Sondra Mitchell of the work that was done. She says crews from both Century Link and Comcast came out to her house this morning and dug out the trouble spot, filled it in and laid the stones back on top.

Sondra is so happy, she says she was amazed at the quick response after months of trying on her own, saying she doesn't think it would have been resolved and even gotten worse, if FOX 4 hadn't stepped in for her.

Driveway dilemma!
A Ft. Myers woman has been dealing with a sinkhole in her driveway for months.
She thinks it's because workers didn't lay some cables correctly underneath her driveway.
So Four In Your Corner's Colleen Hogan is reaching out to the companies who might be responsible and is getting her some results.
Sondra Mitchell's been trying to get her section of sunken driveway fixed but she says it's been difficult. For months, she's been trying to get the company responsible to fix the mistake.
"It's just slowly sinking down," Mitchell said, of her driveway.
A section near the grass is sloped down about 2.5 inches lower than the rest.
"It seems to be getting a little wider," she said.
She thinks the problem started when Century Link crews installed her next-door neighbor Rhia Sheehan's phone line.
"A couple months after they put the phone line in," Mitchell explained, "I started to get a sink hole in my driveway."
She's been reaching out to Century Link to see if they would fix the problem. She filed a claim for damages but her claim was denied. 
She showed us the letter where a claims representative informed her that the Century Link wouldn't be able to help because their workers had done everything correctly. In the same letter, the claims rep wrote that Mitchell should contact Comcast because their workers were laying cables around the same time in the same area.
Sheehan has been helping Mitchell call both companies. Both women said they were frustrated that the problem was not addressed, months after the damage had occured. That's when they decided to call Fox 4.
We reached out to both companies. 
A Century Link spokesperson said they double-checked their records, and even sent a superviser out to Mitchell's house the same afternoon. The spokesperson says their workers hadn't done anything with under-driveway cables since 2007 and that when they did, they did everything correctly.
Mitchell called us late in the afternoon Friday and said she had been contacted by a Comcast worker who told her they were looking into the sunken driveway problem and that it would be fixed.
We will stay on the story and let you know what happens.
Colleen Hogan, reporter