Contractors speeding, putting kids at risk?

Contractors speeding, putting kids at risk?

By Matt Grant. CREATED Apr 26, 2012

CAPE CORAL - Some Cape Coral moms say a contracting company's workers are putting their children's lives at risk.

"I don't give you permission to film me," an ITC worker said, putting his hand over a Fox 4 camera.

Two technicians with ITC Service Group, a California-based company contracted by CenturyLink to work on fiber-optic lines, weren't happy to see our cameras after a mother of three young kids contacted us worried for their safety.

"The issue is just them driving way too fast," said Jaime McNeely.

McNeely moved her kid's playhouse to a fenced in area to keep her young kids away from ITC techs who she says speed through the lot next to her home on Southwest 7th Place "24/7."

The lot has several kid's toys along with a protected burrowing owl's nest.

"This is a residential area," said McNeely. "It's not like it's just our house. This entire street is full of children."

McNeely shot video of one of an ITC truck getting stuck in the sand next to her house leaving a hole. She says it happened because the driver was going too fast.

We watched as she confronted the tech who blamed her for not helping.

"We don't be speeding through here," the driver said. "I got stuck this morning and you didn't do nothing to help me out."

"Are you guys speeding through here?," asked Fox 4 reporter Matt Grant.

"No we are not speeding through here," the technician said.

"She says you guys are speeding," said Grant.

"OK well that's her opinion," the technician said.

Khira Wolfe lives next to McNeely and says she's also worried about the technicians speeding.

"It sounds like it's a car crash," said Wolfe. "Because he's flying so fast out of the field that once he hits this area over here the ladders completely fly up in the air and smash down."

Fox 4 doesn't have any proof either technician was actually speeding.

We called the company's president who says they will investigate.

"Obviously we're very concerned about this; it's not a practice of ITC," said ITC president Tim Sauer. "We will certainly look into it and take appropriate action."

Matt Grant