Fired Edison VP accuses school of "horrific retaliation"

Fired Edison VP accuses school of "horrific retaliation"

By Matt Grant. CREATED Apr 25, 2012

CAPE CORAL - A fired Edison State College vice president is accusing the college of "horrific retaliation," "bogus charges of malfeasance" and a continuing "culture of fear." 

In a scathing seven-page letter to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, or SACS, fired vice president of instruction Bob Beeson is fighting back.

Beeson is suing the college for wrongful termination after he was fired with cause last November. The college claims he was involved in an illegal course swapping scandal which Beeson denies. 

"I have done nothing improper but have been made a scapegoat for the illicit practices of a college in crisis," Beeson wrote in the letter. "Simply for exercising my constitutional right of free speech."

In the college's response to SACS, Beeson's firing is cited as evidence the college is addressing its integrity violation

But Beeson, who is supported by many faculty, has just sent his own letter obtained by Fox 4, refuting the college's response.  

Beeson claims the college, and former president Kenneth Walker, retaliated against him for filing an EEOC complaint and blowing the whistle on racial discrimination with the college's hiring practices.

"Unable to admit the truth concerning the real reasons for his desiring my termination," Beeson wrote, "Walker chose to link me to the substitution scandal."


Beeson's letter, which includes 75 pages of supporting material, describes "horrific retaliation" after he filed an HR complaint.

Fox 4 wanted to know if Beeson's vote could jeopardize the college's re-accreditation. A spokesperson for SACS wasn't available for comment Wednesday.

"We are not surprised by this most recent step taken by Robert Beeson," said Edison spokesperson Teresa Morgenstern, "in sending unsolicited opinions to SACS."

SACS will vote on Edison's accreditation status in June.

Matt Grant