Edison Trustee Pamella Seay resigns

Edison Trustee Pamella Seay resigns

By Matt Grant. CREATED Apr 19, 2012

PORT CHARLOTTE - Outspoken Edison State College Board of Trustee Pamella Seay, known for speaking her mind, has asked the governor not to reappoint her.

"This is my choice," said Seay, who broke the news to Fox 4. "This is my decision. And I chose not to go for an additional term. I've done my six months."

After five months on the job, Seay, who has been a vocal critic, called it quits to pursue other interests, including her work with international trade.

"Will they miss me?," asked Seay. "Depends on how you look at it."

On Thursday, Seay expressed frustration with the state senate for not approving any of Gov. Rick Scott's appointments.

The governor has until Monday to re-appoint 400 people he's already appointed.

"This failure on the part of the senate gave me an opportunity to rethink what my personal priorities were," said Seay. "I didn't like the idea of being a political football."

In a letter to state senate president Mike Haridopolos Seay writes: "If we are not reappointed the board will consist of only five members four of whom supported the former president [Ken Walker]'s $838,000 salary package."

"So were you trying to send a message to the senate that your inaction's have consequences?," asked Grant.

"Yeah," said Seay. "And I hope that message gets across."

With the college's accreditation in jeopardy and no permanent president in place this latest shakeup comes at a critical time for the college.

Last year the board's vice chair Dr. David Klein resigned at the height of our investigations.

"You've been a very vocal voice do you worry that will fade?," asked Fox 4 reporter Matt Grant.

"Of course I do," said Seay.

Seay says she's proud of what she's accomplished. While she admits this is a "critical" time for Edison she says the wheels of change are already in motion.

"Sometimes you just have to make a decision that's most important to you," said Seay. "Well, this one is."

"But isn't the work at Edison too important to just give up?," asked Grant.

"There are a lot of people on that board that are quite competent, quite capable," said Seay who encouraged the remaining board members to step up to the plate.

"I'm not the only one there," said Seay. "I never have been."

In a statement the college said:

"Pamella Seay has given her time and energy to Edison State College as a Trustee and that is greatly appreciated...We wish her the very best."

Seay replaced Dr. David Klein, who resigned last year at the height of Edison's scandals.

Matt Grant