Stand Your Ground law town hall meeting Friday night

Stand Your Ground law town hall meeting Friday night

By Fox 4 News Staff. CREATED Apr 13, 2012

LEE COUNTY, Fla. – The town hall meeting is designed to discuss the controversial stand your ground law which was signed in 2005 by then governor Jeb Bush.

The law has remained controversial, essentially protecting a person's right to defend themselves and to use deadly force if they feel they are in imminent danger.

The Stand Your Ground Law was recently thrust into the media spotlight after a neighborhood watch volunteer shot and killed 17-year old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida this past February.

Tonight officials with the state attorney's office and law enforcement will discuss the law. Folks attending the meeting will also have an opportunity to ask members of that panel questions about stand your ground.

“I'd ask what the thresholds are. What do they consider when they read a law inforcement report that says these are the series of events that lead to.  I took this action. I want to know what they feel the threshold is for when you should engage like that,” Concerned resident Paige Rausch said.

Fox 4’s Mike Mason is moderating the town hall meeting.