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Fox 4 gets help for Lehigh woman in moving mess

Fox 4 gets help for Lehigh woman in moving mess

By Matt Grant. CREATED Apr 12, 2012

FORT MYERS - Fox 4 is getting help for a woman involved in a moving mess.

Vicky Gergely moved to Lehigh Acres from Indiana in January. She hired a California moving company to deliver her stuff - but she says they're holding half of it "hostage" after delivering half  and asking more money to deliver the rest. 

"It's stuff from my late husband that I'll never have," said Gergely, who was in tears. "I'm sorry. It's pictures that I don't have of my late husband."

The company says Gergely owes them $1500. Because of that, they say her stuff is staying locked in a storage unit in Indiana.

Gergely says she's paid in full and denies owing anything more.

The owner says Gergely can come get the furniture herself - something she doesn't have the money to do.

After our story aired, a Naples moving company called offering to help. 

Apple Moving was so touched by Gergely's story they've offered to drive to Indiana to pick up her belongings and bring it back free of charge.

"We watched it and we just sat there and we're like, 'We have to help this lady,' said Frank Becerra III, with Apple Moving. "This is something that we can do and we're able to do it."

"I'm still in shock," said Gergely. "I'm so excited. I can't believe that somebody would actually do this for us."

"My neighbors, everybody told me to go to Fox 4 that I would see results," she said. "And I'm just completely amazed."

Gergely says she confirmed her stuff is in storage. The only problem: It's in the California company's name.

She says she is working to get that resolved so she can get her stuff back as soon as possible.

Matt Grant