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Fort Myers couple meets for the first time at their own wedding

Fort Myers couple meets for the first time at their own wedding

By Emily Dishnow. CREATED Apr 6, 2012

FT. MYERS--Crazy is the only word Miranda and Jeff Yoder can come up with to describe their love story, and many would say, that's an understatement. It all started with the romantic first meeting...

“He friend requested me and I was like...who is this?” says Miranda.

The couple finding each other on facebook last August.

“I was going through some of his posts and I was like, this guy is hysterical,” Miranda says.

They began talking online every day, which turned into phone calls, the chemistry...they say...was undeniable, no matter how much they resisted.

“I don't believe in like fate and stars and signs,” Miranda says, smiling at Jeff, “but something totally nuts was happening.”

However, something even more nuts was yet to come

“I’m like maybe were supposed to get married,” says Miranda, “I think we should just go balls out , we should get married but we shouldn't meet until the day we get married.”

And there it was… the so called engagement. But explaining this to their family, wasn’t quite as easy

“My mom is like hanging up on me,” says Miranda, “I’m like, just be in Atlanta, because I’m getting a guy named Jeff… but I’m not going to meet him until the wedding.”

Three months after their first "friend request,” in front of family and friends in the church, Miranda approached Jeff from behind…

“I tapped him on the shoulder,” says Miranda, “he turned around, and that's the first time we ever met.”
Jeff looking at Miranda, smiles from ear to ear. “Yeah I kind of turned and lost my breath,” he says, I didn’t know what to say, didn’t have any words.”

TLC’s hit show, “Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta, also heard about the couples story and featured them on the episode that aired Friday night. While the couple chose to be married up in Georgia, they reside right here in Southwest Florida.