Comcast calls to customers

Comcast calls to customers

By John Rupolo. CREATED Apr 3, 2012

ESTERO - Estero resident Emily Hatcher says for the past two weeks she has been receiving non stop phone calls on her  cell phone.

"Every mid-afternoon I would recieve the calls from the Miami area code," said Hatcher.

Because she says she doesnt know anyone from Miaim she never answered the calls.  But after they wouldn't stop she decided to google the number.

"So I googled the number put it in the computer and got hits that people had filed complaints," said Hatcher.

The complaints said the called claimed he was from Comcast and tried to get information on Comcast customer accounts and services.  So, when the call came in again this time Emily answered it.

"He said he was calilng from Comcast I really didnt let him get that much further knowing the information I knew," said Hatcher.

So we put a call into Comcast to find out if they knew about all of these complaints about what appeared to be someone using the cable company to scam people.  Comcast issued the following the statement.

"This is a legitimate comcast call as part of our launch of Xfinity.  We will reach out to this customer and apologize."

But even after Emily told the caller to stop dialing her number the calls are continuing.

"Seeing that number pop up day after day is more frustrating than anything," said Hatcher.