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Edison board member wants to re-name "Walker Hall"

Edison board member wants to re-name "Walker Hall"

By Matt Grant. CREATED Mar 29, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 29, 2012

FORT MYERS - An Edison State College board member says it's time to re-name Walker Hall.

Board member Pamela Seay and some students want Walker Hall, named after fired president Dr. Kenneth Walker, to be changed.

Walker was fired with cause earlier this year. A law firm hired by the college found Walker demonstrated a "failure of leadership" and could be fired with cause after presiding over a number of scandals..

Walker is now suing.

The health sciences building was dedicated to Walker in 2000 in recognition of his accomplishments to the college.

"If we're naming a building after him for his good contributions," said Seay, "then perhaps we need to revisit that."

Under the college's seal, brown letters spell out "Kenneth P. Walker" and is one of the first things campus visitors notice.

"The name is synonymous with corruption," said Alan Redfield, the vice president of the College Republicans. "The building is named after someone who nearly brought the institution to its knees."

Redfield say the college needs a clean slate and that means removing Walker's name from one of the most prominent buildings on campus.

"Buildings are supposed to be named after people of merit," he said. "Not someone who's responsible for jeopardizing the accreditation of the institution."

Ironically the building bearing Walker's name is the same building where board members voted to remove him from campus last fall.

Seay voted to terminate Walker and says she would be in favor of re-naming the building.

"I believe that his behavior was, as the board noted, not in the best interest of the college," said Seay. "So that would indicate to me that perhaps we should review that original decision."

Any name change would have to be approved by the board of trustees.

A college spokesperson declined to comment on calls for a name change.

Matt Grant