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Lee County school bus attendant and driver disciplined

Lee County school bus attendant and driver disciplined

By John Rupolo. CREATED Mar 28, 2012

CAPE CORAL - A recommendation to take disciplinary action against two lee county school bus drivers after a Four In Your Corner investigation exposed what they were up to on your dime.

In January, a Cape Coral woman used her cell phone to film this every morning across the street.  A Lee County school bus driver and bus attendant stopped at the attendant's home. Then the woman contacted FOX 4 and asked if this was proper school bus procedure. She wanted her identity protected.

“The bus sitting outside running while they did personal business,” the woman said.

The woman said the bus was stopping at the attendant's house for weeks during work hours on your dime, spending up to a half hour idling while the bus attendant went inside her home.

After we aired the video and started asking questions -- the district began its own investigation.  We've now learned the school district has recommended discipline for bus attendant Pamela Ferguson and bus driver Terry Totano.  The union is fighting that disciplinary action -- but the woman who shot the video says she knew what she saw wasn't right.

“I think it’s good maybe it will show other bus drivers to stay on the road and not their house,” the woman said.