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Collier County government website down for more than a week

Collier County government website down for more than a week

By Julie Salomone. CREATED Mar 23, 2012

NAPLES - A government website appeared to be hacked into and it's raising questions about whether personal information was compromised.

Collier County's government website ( first went offline nearly 2 weeks ago. Web users who tried to get to the county's website couldn't. We tried to get to it, but got redirected to random advertisements.

So what really happened? Was anyone's personal information in jeopardy? I went to the county for answers.

"At anytime was anyone's personal information at risk?" I asked.
"No, no personal information is on the Collier government website," said Commissioner Jim Coletta.

The county's website wasn't working starting on March 8th and it was down for more than a week redirecting people to random advertisements like websites for jewelery stores.

"County staff immediately began trouble shooting and we determined some people using CenturyLink to access the Internet were experiencing difficulties with the county website," said Mike Sheffield, Collier County Communications and Customer Relations Department.

A CenturyLink spokesperson tells me the site was never hacked, but instead there was an error in the code specific to that web address meaning only CenturyLink users couldn't access the government website, but the problem has now been fixed.

Julie Salomone
Fox 4