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St. Patrick's Day on Fort Myers Beach

St. Patrick's Day on Fort Myers Beach

By Matt Grant. CREATED Mar 18, 2012

FORT MYERS BEACH - Everyone was Irish for the day, and for some, well into the night.

Mike Hotz owns the Shamrock Irish Pub, which is the only Irish bar on Fort Myers Beach. The combination of March Madness, Spring Break, and St. Pat's falling on a Saturday kept his bar busy all night.

"This is the biggest St. Paddy's Day I've ever had," said Hotz.

While the bar saw a steady stream of customers - some arrived earlier than others.

"When did you get here?," asked reporter Matt Grant.

"Since 10:30," a customer, wearing a big green had and beads said at 10 p.m.. He was talking about 10:30 in the morning.

Bars across southwest Florida planned for packed houses Saturday. At the Dublin Ale House Pub in Cape Coral, they had 30 corned beef briskets, 1000 pounds of potatoes and nearly 50 kegs on hand just in case.

"I can't run out of beer," said owner Frank Williams. "That would be pretty embarrassing."

"You look at all the money you spend leading up to this day," he added, "and you go, 'Wow I hope I get it all back on Saturday.' Which I think we will."

Matt Grant