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Patrols keep the peace during Spring Break in Fort Myers Beach

Patrols keep the peace during Spring Break in Fort Myers Beach

By Fox 4 News Staff. CREATED Mar 15, 2012

FORT MYERS BEACH - With Spring Break at its peak, has partying gotten out of control? And if so, what is the sheriff's office doing to control it?

The high winds have cleared, but it's not going to put a dent in the Spring Break partying.

Spring Break on Fort Myers Beach means one thing: partying.  We caught up with some young ladies who will be heading back to the classrooms in philadelphia in the morning.

"What will you be doing [tonight]?” John asked.

“Not sure yet.  Probably what the rest of the college students are doing…partying." The ladies said.

Sheriff’s deputies have been busy here for the past few weeks, giving warnings and making arrests for mostly drug and alochol violations. However, it's nothing more significant than past years.

"As they do when they start to drink and party a bit, too much, they get into arguments and such." LT. Larry King said.

But it's not only college students having fun.  We caught up with a Minnesota mom enjoying the sun and fun.

Every year at this time, the beach is being watched by extra deputies.

"We're not trying to ruin anyone’s vacation down here, so again, just be reasonable and use common sense." LT. King said.

Peter Downing has worked at a nearby Dairy Queen for the past five years.  He says this year is nothing he hasn't seen before.

"Just kids getting drunk and [acting] obnoxious." Downing said.