Fire Chief accused of sex scandal

Fire Chief accused of sex scandal

By Mike Mason. CREATED Mar 13, 2012

FORT MYERS BEACH - A Southwest Florida fire chief resigns amid a stormy sex scandal. A woman accuses him of leading her on during a romantic 9 month relationship and she claims to have a series of racy texts to make her case. Four in your Corner's Mike Mason spoke to the woman involved. She gave us documents and claims they are the same ones she gave to commissioners.

She's claiming she was mislead by Fort Myers Beach fire Chief Mike Becker. She says he lied about being married, got her pregnant and that's just the beginning.  We want to warn you; some of the information in this report is graphic.

This text transcript provided by the accuser reads like a sexually charged romance novel.

Transcript: “I could start with my tongue in your ear….then work my way down past your neck near your chest and down to your belly button. Then take your legs and hold them with my hands and let you guess what is next.”

The accuser who says fire Chief Mike Becker appointed her to the Board of Directors of the Fire Explorers, a volunteer group, claims he sent these messages to her for months. In a letter to Becker's bosses, she claims he violated fire district policy that says "On-duty members shall not conduct themselves in a lewd ... manner."

We questioned fire commissioner Dave Brower about these allegations.

Dave Brower: "This is a fire district. Integrity, honor, things like that - and you know what -  when you're accused of not having those things it's disruptive."

Brower says now that Becker has resigned there may be no need to investigate this woman's claims, such as:

"Chief Becker used the district's equipment," including his work phone and email account to communicate with her during work hours, sending messages describing what he planned to do with her.
Things like:  “Taking your clothes off and rubbing your back with hot oil.”

And also doing something 'quote' “Until you scream with excitement and beg.”  In her letter to fire commissioners, the accuser says the Chief's wife knew about the relationship and contacted her "Posing as Mike Becker, sending her text messages from his cell phone."

The accuser even provides a letter she claims she sent to Becker breaking it off. She writes; "Your deceitfulness and behavior has led to me being victimized, stalked, and harassed by your wife."

The woman says that harassment escalated when Becker got her pregnant and his wife found out about it. A report she provided shows she called Fort Myers police in January to say "She feels threatened and is in fear of herself and her unborn child's safety....she is pregnant with Becker's baby."

We went to becker's home to get his side of the story but no one came to the door.

Dave Brower: "It's behind us. Something bad happened, it's behind us, we're moving on."
Last week Becker gave notice he would resign in June but due to the controversy, when commissioners met yesterday they decided to relieve him of his duties immediately.  They haven't determined yet if they'll investigate these allegations.  Becker makes a $130-thousand dollars a year and will still be paid until his contract ends on June 19th.