Rising diesel gas prices affect RVers

Rising diesel gas prices affect RVers

By Liza Fernandez. CREATED Mar 12, 2012

FORT MYERS - Regular gas prices holding steady this week, right around $3.79 a gallon. 

The price of diesel continues to climb though -- now at $4.12 a gallon -- close to the all-time high reached in 2008.

And many RVers are realizing they're going to have to dig deeper to fill their tanks now that it’s time to go home.  

Joyce and Bill make the trek to the Tamiami Village RV Park in North Fort Myers from Ontario, Canada every year.

”Fill-ups would probably be about close to 1000 dollars each way,” says Joyce. 

But diesel has gone up almost 50 cents a gallon since the retirees arrived at the end of December, something that will cost them about $200 more as they return home.

It's a matter that's getting a lot of mileage among these snowbirds.

”We complain to everybody, and everybody complains to us. It is a topic of conversation. Everybody's much, much concerned about it,” she tells us.

This is Gene and Shirley's first time in Southwest Florida from Connecticut.

“I've got a lot of rest. I feel good. And I'll be back next year... if the gas don't go to $10 a gallon,” jokes Gene.

But in all seriousness, talk like that could hurt the RV industry -- a sizable part of the area's tourism economy.

There are 80 RV parks in Lee county alone.

But these RVers say, they'd rather cut back at home to continue on their travels.

”We're concerned, you know we've lived a long time to do this. We're going to go whether the gas is high or low.  We deserve it,” says Shirley.

“We are aware of what we're going to be paying, and you just bite the bullet and pay it,” adds Joyce.

The president just announced today -- his administration is monitoring gas and diesel prices in 360 cities across the country for manipulation and fraud.