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Red light cameras in Naples could be put up for a vote

Red light cameras in Naples could be put up for a vote

By Andre Senior. CREATED Mar 9, 2012

NAPLES - Two people in Collier County want to put the issue of red light cameras into the hands of voters.

Jim Coletta, district 5 commissioner, has brought forth a referendum that will be heard by the commission on Tuesday.

"I thought we could bring this to rest for once and for all. Put this on the ballot for the Aug. 14th primary and have the voters have a say."

The measure is a straw poll, so it would allow the county to gauge the reaction from voters, but would not guarantee any changes.

Last Week, commissioner voted to 3-2 to approve red light cameras with the current vendor for 10 years, but within one year, the county can opt to not renew.

On the flip side, a democrat running against Coletta says the commissioner’s version holds little water.

"He's requesting a straw referendum which means it's like and opinion and then the commission will still have to vote based on that."

John Lundin says his version would truly give the voters the choice.

"The difference is I request a binding referendum which means whatever the voters say that's law," said the Immokalee resident.

The commissioners will decided which version is best for the voters during the regular monthly meeting next week.