Viewers respond about signs slamming Lee Co. Sheriff

Viewers respond about signs slamming Lee Co. Sheriff

By Fox 4 News Staff. CREATED Mar 8, 2012

FORT MYERS - As you drive around Lee County, you may have noticed signs like these, slamming Sheriff Mike Scott.

They accuse him of being corrupt, condoning abuse, lies, and racism. 

These signs, however, have had a short life span, with twenty of them already removed throughout Lee County.

“This has nothing to do with politics. One could speculate that it's political in nature, but these are libelous, slanderous signs that beyond free speech are being posted illegally.” Sheriff Mike Scott says.

They're illegal because they're on public property, like this utility pole considered in the public right of way.

Supervisor of Elections Sharon Harrington says what a person puts on a sign is freedom of speech.

“Where they put 'em, it might be in violation of the code enforcement department. But they can pretty much put up what they want.”
But FOX 4 wanted to know what you think.  Should these opinionated signs be removed?  Reaction is mixed.

Charles, Lehigh:
“I think they should leave the signs about Mike Scott up.”

Kenny, Ft. Myers:
“I think those signs need to come down.  Regardless of what they say they're illegal when they're posted on telephone poles like that.”