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Viewers weigh in on legalizing marijuana in Florida

Viewers weigh in on legalizing marijuana in Florida

By Cory O'Donnell. CREATED Mar 2, 2012

FORT MYERS - Sixteen states already do it, and Florida could be next.

Legislation making its way through the house and senate aims to legalize marijuana. 

Representative Jeff Clemens, a democrat from Lake Worth, wants to see the drug legalized for medical uses.  

But Drug Free For Collier, an organization which works hard to prevent substance abuse in collier, says it would only lead to greater drug use.  Many of you disagree.

Mike, Fort Myers:
"I definitely believe marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes. I have used it in the past, I have been in great pain for many years and it does work."

Tiffany, Fort Myers:
"I do believe that marijuana should be legalized, um, for the simple fact that the people who need it medically, um, can use that as an alternative rather than using prescription drugs."

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