Lee County's million dollar drug bust

Lee County's million dollar drug bust

By Rachel L. Rothe. CREATED Mar 1, 2012

LEE COUNTY, Fla.-- A major drug bust by the Lee County Sheriff's Office tonight. 

Deputies seizing more than 1.5 million dollars in cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy pills.  It's all part of a two-month long investigation into doctor shopping rings in the county.

Deputies rounding up 18 people in connection with the sting.  They're facing charges ranging from trafficking to distribution.  Sheriff Mike Scott, saying this bust will put a major dent in the tough battle against drug abuse in Southwest Florida.

"It's all a quality of life issue every day,” said Sheriff Mike Scott.  “Our kids don't deserve this crap in their schools.  Like I said, the retirees and all of the men and women that work here in law enforcement, the media, wherever they work-  if they're working diligently we love them to death.  If they do something illegally like this, they're gonna end up with a big red ‘arrested’ written all over their face."

The Lee County Sheriff's Office says there are 19 fugitives still wanted in connection with the case.