Edison College Collier Co. campus unveils new health & sciences hall

Edison College Collier Co. campus unveils new health & sciences hall

By Andre Senior. CREATED Feb 23, 2012

NAPLES - A big addition comes to the Collier Co. campus of Edison State College.

The college held a ribbon cutting ceremony to dedicate the Allen & Marla Weiss Health & Sciences Hall.

"This facility is phenomenal... I mean everything from top to bottom," said nursing student Ashley Sigman.

Sigman is working to complete her associate’s degree in nursing and says that the new facility will give her the real-world hands-on training she will need after graduating.

The 43, 5000 square foot, 2 story building has the latest technological advances for the nursing program.

Students get a chance to practice in a mock emergency rooms complete with mannequins called SIMS.

The $100,000 machines mimic human behavior, including crying and bleeding.

"This will have quite an effect on our enrollment and our students having opportunities in Collier County," said Dr. Robert Jones, President of Edison's Collier County Campus.

But right now there are concerns from students because the schools Bachelor of Science in nursing degree is still not accredited.

The college admits misleading students about the accreditation status of the four year program, but says it's working to make things right.

"That process is in play and it seems to be in track. We’ve not gotten our final word yet," said Jones.

Christopher Wood is working on his associate's degree which is accredited, but wants to continue with the four year program.

"I think by the time I get out of the two year program - go to work for a little bit and come back to get my bachelors and be all set."

Edison says the organization that does the accreditation is coming for a campus visit next week. At that time, school officials could have an indication as to when they will finally receive their accreditation.