Police Academy director solicited massages from former teacher

Police Academy director solicited massages from former teacher

By Mike Mason. CREATED Feb 23, 2012 - UPDATED: Feb 23, 2012

LEE COUNTY - A bombshell tonight in a story we broke about the Director of the police academy accused of soliciting erotic massages on county time. It's all part of a whistleblower lawsuit against the Lee County School District. Tonight we're learning the woman who posted the ads for the massage is a former Lee County teacher who resigned after having sex with another teacher while at school.

Allegations against police academy director Tim Day are all coming to light in a whistleblower lawsuit. Tonight, we're learning more about the woman who posted ads, offering those erotic massages.

When Patrick Flahive filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the lee county school district it revealed what he calls some dirty secrets. Flahive claims he was retaliated against after making accusations against his boss, Tim Day, ho is the Director of the police academy.

Patrick Flahive: "They kicked me out of my office they basically put me in another area of the building."

Flahive says Day spent most of his time at work conducting personal business, talking on his cell phone or surfing the internet. The District investigated and suspended day for two weeks. Flahive's attorney says that investigation yielded records showing Tim Day responded to ads for erotic massages on Craiglist.

The ad was explicit; offering a 'Tantra' massage promising "multiple climaxes".

Patrick Flahive: :I was just shocked. I was disgusted."

Flahive's attorney subpoenaed records from Craigslist, revealing who posted the ads. Her name is Laurie J. Bartlett. She even posted her resume on Craigslist saying she worked for the Lee County School District as a teacher until 2007.

Bartlett resigned that year after allegations that a custodian found her having sex with another teacher in a storage room at Ida Baker High School. Flavihve says Day knew about Bartlett's history and even told Flahive about the former teacher.

Patrick Flahive: "He specifically told me about this particular woman and that he met her and he thought that she had a good body."

Emails show Day responded to the ad from his work computer, during work hours, even asking Bartlett to call him on his District issued cell phone so he could schedule an appointment, though we don't know if Day received any massages from Bartlett.

And records show Bartlett posted other personal ads; one stating "I would love to surprise my husband with a classy,pretty, clean girl for a threesome."

Another saying "Let me make you happy from beginning to end."  We confronted Day about the massage ad he responded to.

Mike Mason: "There's sex emails on here and everything.”
Tim Day - "What sex emails?”
Mike Mason - "From Tim Day, the massages."
Depositions are now being taken in the lawsuit against the District.
The school Superintendent responded to these allegations for the first time saying there could be further discipline against Day but it's too early to tell.