Reaction to report about director soliciting erotic massages

Reaction to report about director soliciting erotic massages

By Mike Mason. CREATED Feb 21, 2012

LEE COUNTY - New reaction to a Fox 4 investigation exposing accusations surrounding the Director of the police academy, Tim Day. The academy falls under the direction of the Lee County School District. Tonight, a former board member now says he never knew about details of the investigation into Day; including accusations Day wasted taxpayer money and solicited erotic massages on county time. Four in your Corner investigator Mike Mason has the latest.

Board member Don Armstrong questioned the district's attorney at the board meeting, saying he wants to know why he was never told about the details of the lawsuit and investigation into academy Director Tim Day. Armstrong says he was alarmed to see our report, exposing claims made by a whistleblower against police academy Director Tim Day in 2009.

Don Armstrong: "I was very shocked, very disturbed as a board member. I haven't been informed of any of this I had to hear about this story through Fox 4."

Patrick Flahive worked at the police academy in Fort Myers until blowing the whistle on his boss, Tim Day. Flahive has since resigned, hired an attorney and is suing the district for retaliating against him.

Patrick Flahive: "Who can stay in a place where nobody wants to talk to you nobody wants to deal with you where you have no responsibility no real job.”

In court records Flahive accuses Day of doing things like using the districts vehicle for personal use and spending most of his time conducting personal business such as talking on the phone and surfing the internet.  The District investigated Flahive's claims and reprimanded Day, suspending him for two weeks.  

That investigation also uncovered Day's emails soliciting erotic massages from his work computer on county time.  We confronted Day but he refused to comment. Day's contract with the District has been renewed since the investigation, which concerns Armstrong.

Mike Mason: "So you would never have renewed Tim Days contract if you knew all of this?"
Don Armstrong: "Not in a million years, not in a million years. These are serious accusations I'm not going to renew somebody's contract like that."

Bob Chilmonik was a school board member at the time Day was reprimanded.  He says District officials never told him the specific allegations against Day.

Bob Chilmonik: "I think more information should have been given to the board members it certainly would have been a different decision on my part."

Chilmonik is currently running for a seat on the school board again. He says if he had known all of the details of the investigation he would have voted to fire Day.

Bob Chilmonik: "Just the emails and using district property to do that would rise to the occasion of a dismissal."

Chilmonik worries the lawsuit could end up costing the district a lot of money. We'll let you know how it turns out.