Apartment complexes catering to sex offenders

Apartment complexes catering to sex offenders

By Mike Mason. CREATED Feb 17, 2012

FORT MYERS - Over the past couple of nights we've shown you how hard it is for convicted sex predators to find a place to live. Now we're learning certain apartment complexes in Fort Myers actually cater to sex offenders. Tonight, investigator Mike Mason tracking down those predators and speaking with those who have to live next to them.

Christopher Boehm and his family are looking for a place to live.  This week they've been kicked out of two hotels after the owners found out Boehm is a registered sexual predator.

Boehm: "I'm not going to live under a bridge I'm not going to live on the streets somewhere.
Boehm’s Daughter: "You're not going to let your wife and your daughter live on the streets either "

It's a fact that some sex offenders can't find a place to live. Like Eddie Pruna, he's a sex predator who is listed as a ‘Transient’, his address on FDLE's website shows he lives near Ortiz Avenue in the woods.

Registered sex predator Edmund Manchester lives at an apartment on Carmen Avenue in Fort Myers. He shares a room with 3 other sex offenders and a 3-year old girl lives right next door with her aunt. The aunt  is nervous because Manchester admits he touched a 4-year old girl.

Aunt: "There's nothing we can really do there's predators all over this neighborhood. That's why whenever she tries to run over there we don't let her, we say ‘no’.

Mike Mason: "You did something inappropriate with a 4 year old.
Manchester: "That is correct and I've done my time. I did 4 years in prison and I'm on 7 years probation.
Mike Mason: "So these kids out here are not in danger?”
Manchester: "Nope, they're not in danger they're all safe."

There are 33 registered sex offenders and predators living in this small section of Fort Myers. We spoke with a property manager who runs a complex on Juanita Avenue and she says they specialize in renting to sex offenders because they believe they deserve a second chance.

Just around the corner on Char Ann Drive we found five sex offenders living at an apartment complex.
They say they just need a place to stay but many residents wish they'd stay far away.

Woman: "I don't like it but I can't afford to live anywhere else."

According to the property manager we spoke with, she doesn't rent to anyone who has children. That means people like Christopher Boem are out of luck and that's why it's so hard for him to find a place to live.