Fox 4 Baby Boom Bonus

Fox 4 Baby Boom Bonus

CREATED Feb 9, 2012

LEE COUNTY -  Fox 4 is sharing more information about the mini baby boom that has so many of our viewers and Facebook friends talking.

Anchors Amy Wegmann and Lisa Spooner just gave birth in December. And so did Fox 4 Rising producer Cassie Foster.  The station's promotions producer coodinator, Eric Njoroge, became a new dad in November.

A fifth Fox 4 staffer, marketing consultant Taylor Horn, and her husband Steve are expecting a little girl (to be named Harper) in three weeks!

Amy and her husband Trey welcomed their first child, Jude, into the world in early December.  He's named after his dad whose middle name is Jude (a name Trey shares with his father and grandfather.)  His middle name is Phillip in honor of Amy's uncle who is very special to her.

Jude Phillip has been growing fast.

"When he was born he was in 95 percentile for weight and height and now he's just off the charts!" says Amy.

 Jude weighed in at exactly nine pounds when he was born by C-section on December fifth after 26 hours of labor.

"I'm over-protective already so we'll see when the girls start coming around!" jokes Amy.

Lisa Spooner gave birth to Alexa Marie who weighed a little over 7 pounds when she arrived on December 19th after 12 hours of labor. 

Lisa explains how she and her husband, Ron, chose the names.

"Ron is a history buff," she says.
"Alexa is a derivation of Alexander as in 'Alexander the Great 'and means 'man's defender, noble,' she says.
"My name is Mary Lisa," she explains.
"My mom is Mary Sue."
"The name 'Mary' is on both my mom's and dad's side of the family, but we didn't like how it sounded as much with Alexa," says Lisa.
"Marie is derived from the name, 'Mary,' and means 'star of the sea' or 'wished-for child," she says.
"So we felt it still used the family name without the exact form."

Alexa Marie was delivered naturally and fairly quickly!

 "I stopped work on a Friday and she was born on a Monday!" says Lisa. 

Her husband Ron was at her side the whole time.

"He was completely supportive and wonderful!" says Lisa.

"She's a daddy's girl," says Lisa who points out Alexa has her dad's baby blue eyes.

"I admit, I'm a sucker for her too!" she added.

In the days between the birth of Amy's baby and Lisa's baby, Fox 4 Rising producer Cassie Foster and her husband John welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Reagan Elizabeth.

And, just a few weeks before that, Fox 4 Promotions Producer Coodinator, Eric Njoroge, and his wife Julia welcomed a baby boy into the world.

His name is Michael Muchunu.

"He's a great little guy," says Eric.

Michael was born three months prematurely.

So he spent the first few months of his life at a local hospital.

"The nurses seem to love him!" he adds.

Eric and his wife are planning to bring him home soon. 

Even former Fox 4 staffers are part of the baby boom. 
Former meteorologist Sabrina Fein (who now lives in San Diego, CA) and her husband, Guy, recently had a baby girl named Natassia.
"We found the name in a baby book, she says.
"We liked Natasha because it's Russian like me, but I wanted a prettier spelling."
"So we went with the Greek form of the word and ended up with Natassia," Sabrina added.
Fox 4 promotions producer coordinator, Erig Njoroge says the names he and his wife chose have special meanings for them.
Their baby's full names is Michael Erjomes Muchunu.
"Michael is the Arch Angel in charge of war," says Eric.
"Our son's a fighter as witnessed in the various battles he has fought so far," he said, referring to the medical challenges that came from being born so prematurely.
"Erjomes is a mixture of three names ER-from Eric( me,) JO-from Joseph (my dad) and MES-from my wife Julia's dad (James,") Eric added.
"Muchunu is my grandfather's name."
Fox 4's expecting mother, Taylor Horn says "Harper" was the name she and her husband Steve settled on for their baby girl on the way.
"We came up with the name Harper because it was pretty much the only name we both liked and could agree upon," says Taylor.
"I like really fun and crazy names, and I love trying to have fun with the last name Horn." 
"For example, Mega Horn, Matta Horn, Cadillac Horn, Golden Horn and Toy Horn," she says.
But she says Steve was absolutely not having it.
"He insisted that I was trying to make sure our daughter got picked on," she says.
"My thoughts are that a unique name builds character and strength."
"We got stuck on names that began with an H, and Harper was just unique enough for me, and still  tame enough for Steve," Taylor added.