Employees at Racks and Tails restaurant not being paid

Employees at Racks and Tails restaurant not being paid

By Mike Mason. CREATED Feb 7, 2012

FORT MYERS - Employees at a Fort Myers restaurant are fired up, claiming the owners have refused to pay them for over a month. Now they want to know why so they turned to Four in your Corner's Mike Mason for help.

16 year old Daniel Rust was excited to land his first job at Racks and Tails, a restaurant and bar on Colonial Avenue in Fort Myers.

Last month he began working for minimum wage which was just enough to pay for his car and insurance. But Rust says after working for about a month he didn't make a dime.

Daniel Rust: "I think they're probably just going broke and have no way to pay us and they're stalling."
Rust claims the owners of Racks and Tails refused to pay him and other employees for at least a month.
Instead of getting a paycheck they say they're getting excuses instead.

Daniel Rust: "Checks were lost at a Starbucks, one of the owners spent $10 thousand dollars in a place he shouldn't have, the I-9's weren't filed on time, the W-4's aren't properly filed."

Rust's mother told her son to stop going to work until the owners pay up.

Abby Rust: "I'd really like the people who eat there to know that the employees who are serving them are not being paid."

Rust kept the time slips of the hours he worked and estimates he's owed $569 dollars. We spoke with another former employee who says she's also  waiting to get paid.

Former employee: "I also am owed a big chunk of money."

So we wanted to know why a seemingly successful restaurant wasn't paying its employees. We went to Racks and Tails and spoke with two of the managers. They blame the mistake on their accountant and say that accountant was recently fired.

They also claim the problems are now being addressed and employees will get their checks soon.
Rust hopes that's true and says since working at Racks and Tails he's only managed to rack up the bills.

Daniel Rust: "You can't run a legitimate business without paying your employees."
The managers tell us there are about ten employees who haven't been paid. They promised us they will give them their checks this Friday after 5pm. We'll follow up and let you know what happens.